The finishing touch to any bedroom setting



Headboards are the visual focal point around which the rest of the bedroom revolves. Our exceptional workmanship in this area has been perfected during the many years spent crafting beautiful headboards for both the residential and hospitality environments. Designs can be manufactured using one of our templates or your own concepts.

Our standard styles come in two heights, 600mm or 1220mm:

Headboard styles

Headboards can also be embellished with piping, top stitching, buttoning or studs to name just a few options available. Some of our most popular finishes are:

  • Simple wrap-around
  • Knoll stitching
  • Deep buttoning
  • Standard buttoning
  • Studded
  • Panels
  • Squares
  • Plain centre with a roll around the edges


Panelled Walls

Uren Barsal has extensive expertise and experience producing stunning panelled walls that create a majestic and awe-inspiring finish. Make a bold statement or add softness to the room through a wide choice of fabrics, textures and colour – the possibilities are endless. Our service extends to include expert on-site installation of the panels if required.



Uren Barsal pelmets are the ultimate statement in any traditional design scheme. Beautifully upholstered, they create a sumptuous effect and are also an excellent barrier to heat loss – an important feature in these energy-conscious times. Choose from one of our three classic styles:

Pelmet styles